how to use an electric shaver

Find how to use an electric shaver for great experience of shaving. We have explained all steps to use shaver in detail. Believe it or not, many people are now enthusiastic about using an electric shaver for shaving. We can thank the invention of the rechargeable electric shavers for this happy phenomenon.

Rechargeable electric shavers are easy to use, that’s part of their appeal. And although initially an electric shavers costs more than a razor, but it can be used for years. If you don’t know how to use it properly then you may not enjoy the shaving process with an electric shaver. That’s why below we have given detail steps for how to use an electric shaver.

Steps to use electric shaver:

  1. Before shaving:

    Wash your face with water and clean it properly. You may feel this is very basic thing but it is very important. Use shaving oil after washing for better results. This lubricates your skin and helps the shaver glide across your face, reducing irritation. Now days some of the top electric shavers can even be used wet in shower with gel and shaving cream. It will be great for shaving cream fans.

  2. Actual Shaving:

    If your shaver supports both wet and dry shaving then decide what type of shaving you really want.

    For wet shaving:

    first apply shaving cream, and then shave against the direction of your hairs. There are some top shavers; you can use them in any direction while shaving. If   your shaver has this feature then it will make your shaving life more comfortable. Don’t go over the same spot again and again, it may cause skin irritation. Pull your skin taut by one hand while shaving. It will help you to reach some difficult areas of your beard.

    For dry shaving:

    you don’t have to use shaving cream, remaining steps are same as above.

  3. After Shaving:

    Apply an aftershave or moisturizer to help close your pores and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Whether you should use after shave or moisturizer, it depends on type of your skin. Aftershave will be good for oily skin but if you have dry skin then use moisturizer.

  4. Clean your shaver:

    Don’t forget to clean your electric shaver every time after shaving. Most of the electric shavers are waterproof now days so if you too have one then you can directly clean it by water. Some shavers have automatic cleaning system which reduces your work after shaving. Latest shavers are coming with cleaning alarm feature so you don’t have to remember every time.

Hope these steps of how to use an electric shaver will help you to have great shaving experience with electric shavers. Have a happy shaving!



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